Over USD 300 million of subsidies for universities to assist them leap to global standards

The World Data Science Initiative, in tandem with thousands of universities and technology schools across continents, is building a worldwide Data Science talent force expected to touch 250,000 by the year 2022. WDSI will be granting over USD 300 million in subsidies to institutions to help them get accredited and their students certified on the most advanced vendor-neutral Data Science standards in the world.

WDSI is the world’s biggest ever talent development project, dedicated to the cause of developing a global pool of 250,000 Data Science talents by the year 2022. Within barely three weeks of the launch of the Initiative, in January 2020, over 30 higher-education institutions from 23 countries registered their interest in becoming a part of the WDSI worldwide network. Many of these institutions are also working on setting up centers of Data Science excellence in their campuses – called the International Centers of Data Science – which will offer global programs in various streams of Data Science, AI and machine learning.

Empowering Data Science Educators

The Initiative brings together leading institutions such as leading technology schools, universities, education project bodies of the United Nations, and the World Bank alongside relevant personnel such as Data Science educators, researchers, professors, and education regulators. Together, these groups and individuals will catalyze the global development of the next generation of Data Science professionals, data scientists and data technologists.

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Success as an educator directly depends on following global standards and knowledge frameworks.

The potential of Data Science to power our growth directly is contingent on how well we have trained our talents. WDSI helps universities, and technology educators adopt future-ready Data Science curricula and teaching-learning approaches to help turn big Data Science possibilities into bigger outcomes for the biggest impacts.

The World Data Science Initiative aims to build a worldwide force of 250,000 future-ready Data Science professionals. At WDSI, we are motivated by a desire to create a globally distributed pool of data analysts, engineers, and scientists, trained and certified on the most advanced standards on vendor-neutral frameworks in Data Science. The talent development targets spread across the 14 global regions are listed below:

*Figures based on an exhaustive WDSI analysis of leading global studies on data science talent needs

Data Science is Critical for Human Progress

Data Science speeds up and refines decision-making in the most complex environments and gives organizations the capacity to do things right the first time. Data Science drives artificial intelligence and machine learning, making automation affordable and increasingly consequential to the quality of service delivery and human life.

Meteorological, environmental, and disaster management bodies around the world deploy advanced Data Science models and systems to predict natural calamities and save countless lives. Healthcare deploys Data Science to predict and control contagions.

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