Subsidies & Grants for Expanding Knowledge Infrastructure & Employability Outcomes

The World Data Science Initiative is enabling universities around the world get accredited on the most advanced international standards, and introduce world-class programs in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain on subsidized fee, to become proud institutional members of the largest ever global 4IR talent development campaign. In tandem with hundreds of universities and technology schools across continents, WDSI is working to build a worldwide Data Science, Ai and Blockchain talent force. WDSI has envisaged granting over USD 300 million worth of subsidies to promising institutions in Africa, Asia and Latin America to help them catch up with the latest standards and best practices in education, learning and research in 4IR technologies.

WDSI is the world’s biggest ever project driving expansion and enrichment of the knowledge infrastructure of universities and creating large pools of certified technology talent in campuses. Since the launch of the initiative in January 2020, over 250 higher-education institutions from 28 countries have registered their interest in getting accredited under the WDSI subsidy program and join the growing WDSI network of world-class technology educators. Many of these institutions are also working on setting up centers of big data/ blockchain/ Ai excellence in their campuses, which offer global programs in various streams of data science, AI, machine learning and blockchain.

Getting Universities Up To Speed…

For universities that yet do not offer Data Science, Ai and Blockchain programs, WDSI is an opportunity to start world-class right away. The Initiative facilitates accreditation of universities and certifications for students on subsidy. WDSI brings together technology schools, universities, education project bodies of multilateral aid consortiums,, data science educators, researchers, professors, and education regulators to catalyze the development of the next generation of data science professionals, data scientists and data technologists around the world – especially in countries that are industrializing and growing now.

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Data science universities up to speed
Effective Technology Education Drives on Global Standards
and Knowledge Frameworks.

Keeping academic learning systems in top shape, and aligned to the skill-needs of the industry and employers is paramount for universities. WDSI helps universities and technology educators get accredited on the finest international standards in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, instilling them with academic dynamism and agility – attributes that are needed to teach the latest to students, and
contribute meaningfully to the local industry.



Teaching the Latest in Technology is the First Step Toward Growth

The potential of technology to power our growth is directly contingent on the quality and size of our talent pools. Catching them young right in their campuses is the surest way to secure our future. WDSI helps universities and technology educators adopt future-ready curricula and teaching-learning approaches in frontier 4IR tech domains to help turn big technology possibilities into bigger outcomes for the biggest impacts.

The World Data Science Initiative is on course to help universities around the world rapidly adopt cross-platform knowledge-frameworks, certifications and best-practices through accreditation on the most advanced global standards in data science and artificial intelligence. The enhanced post-accreditation academic systems of institutions are geared for imparting industry-aligned training to students, and make them ready for the best of employers in their countries and regions. The WDSI talent development targets spread across the 14 global regions are listed below:

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  • Talent targets by 2025- WDSI
  • WDSI student certification subsidies by 2025
  • World targeted numbers-WDSI
  • Institutional accreditation targets by 2025- WDSI
  • In-campus student certification targets by 2025
  • Worldwide data science student certification targets by 2025

*Figures based on an exhaustive WDSI analysis of leading global studies on data science talent needs

Technology is Critical for Human Progress

Data Science, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies power modern machines, gadgets, equipment, factories, engineering, exploration, environment-protection, governance delivery and scientific research. The 4IR technologies also speed up and refine decision-making in the most complex environments and gives organizations the capacity to stay informed and intelligent in real time, and do things right the first time. While blockchain builds the most secure information exchange platforms, data science drives artificial intelligence and machine learning, making automation affordable and increasingly consequential to the quality of service delivery and human life.

Meteorological, environmental, and disaster management bodies around the world deploy advanced data science models and systems to predict natural calamities and save countless lives. Healthcare deploys data science to predict and control contagions. Environmentalists deploy bid data technologies to track climate change, clean up oceans and re-grow forests. Energy companies deploy Ai and big data analytics to optimize hydrocarbon exploitation, and accelerate their shift to green energy. Blockchain technologies are changing the way contracts are signed, transactions happen and records are exchanged and maintained in secure modes even in trustless environments with high stranger threats.

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Data science technology for humans