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Subsidized Accreditation of Universities for Data Science, Ai and Blockchain academic departments and programs

Round 7
Application Deadline: August 25, 2023

Note: Applications received after this date will be considered in the next round.

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Universities for Latest Data Science, Ai & Blockchain Education

USD 300 Million Worth of Subsidies by 2030!

For Institutional Accreditation & Student Certification in Data Science, Ai & Blockchain Disciplines

Is your institution into engineering, computer science, business or data science education? Get WDSI subsidy to equip yourself quickly for offering world-class data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain education that drives up student-employability in these frontier new domains. Get accredited by world leaders in data science, Ai and Blockchain on the fast track! Get your students certified by premier global bodies on subsidies!

The World Data Science Initiative (WDSI) is accelerating the achievement of world-class for universities in technology education in frontier domains like data-science, blockchain and Ai. Led by its prime sponsor Data Science Council of America (DASCA), WDSI projects to subsidize US$ 150 million worth of accreditation projects and student-certification programs in data science, artificial intelligence, and blockchain disciplines by 2025 alone, covering 67 strategically identified countries that need technology talent in great numbers to feed their economic and industrial growth. The world’s most comprehensive initiative ever for promoting technology education, WDSI aims to double its subsidy and grant budget through its sponsors and partners including Data Science Council of America (DASCA), Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA) and Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA). Leverage WDSI subsidies and grants to elevate your institution’s stature, upgrade your current offerings, and also introduce a wide range of new academic and professional courses and programs in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.

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Make your university a part of the WDSI mission to nurture a worldwide talent force of 250,000 professionals across universities and technology educators by 2025.


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Equipping for 21st Century Education

Accreditation Holds the Key

Readying Institutions for Next Level of Data Science Education

WDSI seeks to equip universities affordably to teach and prepare students for high obsolescence 4IR and convergent technologies. On their own, it is impossible for universities to keep their curricula and learning systems tuned to the latest skills and knowledge demands in disciplines like data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Getting accredited by recognized global standards and certification bodies is the surest way for universities to keep their academic systems aligned to what the employers require. Under this initiative, recommended institutions pay subsidized fee to get accredited on especially developed accelerated model that completes the process in 8-12 weeks using entirely digital mode.

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How Accreditation Works?

Getting accredited by global standards bodies in areas like data science, Ai, machine learning and blockchain is an institution’s assurance against academic redundancy and stagnation. These critical tech-disciplines generally prove too high-obsolescence for technology educators to keep pace with on their own. It becomes challenging for institutions to introduce new programs and courses that will keep students ready to work on emerging tools and platforms that industry and employers expect them to. Accreditation puts universities almost in the auto-mode, in which the curricula and systems automatically stay synced with the demands of the industry, as they are tied to knowledge frameworks of leading standards bodies in these tech-domains. Accreditation equips universities with the right mechanisms, systems, curricula, certifications and teaching-learning approaches that stay constantly benchmarked with the best in the world.

Data science growth

Enhancing Influence & Capabilities

Data Science, Ai & Blockchain Talent Will be the Engine

Economies today grow on the backs of technology, powered by ideas, entrepreneurship, and strategies informed by intelligent data that can be harnessed securely.

WDSI empowers higher education institutions with the wherewithal to deliver latest, industry-linked education in data science, Ai, machine learning and blockchain that their youth need for great careers, and their companies and countries need to get globally competitive. WDSI provides subsidy to shortlisted universities for accreditation and student-certification by international standards bodies to help them get up to speed with global best-practices, curricula and educational standards, and expand their capacity to develop a large pool of talent in big data, Ai and blockchain technologies.

It's time to harness the tech-revolution.


Transform your Institution’s Brand & Educational Capabilities

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