The world needs 2.5 million data science professionals by the turn of 2025. We must achieve at least 25,000.

Data Science speeds up and refines decision-making in the most complex of environments and gives organizations the capacity to do things right the first time. We need vast numbers of Data Science talent to help governments, companies and development organizations deliver the best services in a cost-effective, systematic, and structured manner.

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  • 33 institutions now on their way to join this global initiative

    As of December 15, 2020, 43 applications are underway to join the World Data Science Initiative, with at least half of them in advanced stages of acceptance and finalization. These applicant institutions are getting accredited by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA), the world’s largest vendor-neutral Data Science certification body. These institutions are also being considered as hosts of the prestigious International Centers for Data Science (ICDS), once their accreditation process is complete. Please write to for more information on how your institution can join the World Data Science Initiative (WDSI).

  • Virtual Data Science Labs for students of member-institutions being upgraded!

    The Virtual labs provided to students of all data science programs in member-institutions around the world are being upgraded now to include a wide variety of live, real-life projects uploaded by companies in data analytics; AI, machine intelligence, covering problems related to visualization; data analytics application design and development among others.

  • Top Data Scientist certifications like SDS™ subsidized

    Efforts were underway to get top data scientist certifications subsidized for applicants from a cluster of emerging countries. Finally, there is success in getting the Senior Data Scientist (SDS™) program subsidized! SDS™ applicants from member-institutions of this initiative can contact the Head of the accredited member-institution.

  • Partnership Application Deadlines Extended in Corona Virus Affected Countries

    Institutions from APAC and China have been given a deadline reprieve, and they can now apply to join this initiative until April 30, 2021. More countries like Iran and a few others in West Asia may be added to the deadline-extension list in the next few days. Please write at for more information on this.

  • The First Global Data Science Conclave in Austin, Texas

    Preparations are underway for the first Global Data Science Conclave in Austin, Texas to be held in December 2021. The two-day event is expected to feature technology education and research experts from around the world as speakers. Though the invite list is still in the works, around 200 institutions are expected to be represented from 26 countries.

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