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Round 6
Application Deadline: September 30, 2022

Note: Applications received after this date will be considered in the next round.

For institutions from emerging and under-developed nations to get affordably and rapidly accredited on the most advanced global standards in Data Science, Ai and Blockchain education.

WDSI awards subsidies and grants to institutions to cover substantial costs involved in the accreditation and procurement of advanced teaching-learning resources and student certification on future-ready vendor-neutral and cross-platform knowledge standards. The key WDSI objective is to get universities in many emerging countries launch degree programs in data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain, and achieve the world-class faster by helping them embrace and adopt the accreditation-certification combination. Periodically, WDSI hand-picks well-performing institutions across countries for their potential for becoming models in informational and digital technology education and research, and invites them to get accredited on international standards, and offer global certifications to their students on WDSI subsidized fee.

The World Data Science Initiative targets around USD 300 million in subsidies and grants by year 2030 to help reduce the accreditation cost-burden for applicant-institution. These grants-in-aid and subsidies are not provided to institutions. They are directly sent to official accreditors and empaneled experts offering services to awardee institutions being accredited. These subsidies/ grants reflect as reduced invoiced costs of content, certification, knowledge, and process that applicant-institutions incur during accreditation or while setting up their centers of excellence or their data science schools.

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Areas under subsidies/grants WDSI

Purposes/ Areas Covered Under Subsidies/ Grants

The Initiative seeks to assist applicant-institution through subsidies and grants in the following activities:

  • Services related to global accreditation of relevant department(s) for programs in data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain
  • Launch of bachelor's and master’s degree programs in areas related to data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain
  • Knowledge and advisory required for establishing a center of excellence in data science, Ai and blockchain
  • Knowledge and advisory required for establishing a dedicated training facility for data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain

NOT COVERED IN THE SUBSIDY/ GRANT: Costs of construction and appointment of facilities; Salary of staff/ fee of external consultants/ infrastructure/ construction/ hardware/ equipment/ computers/ third party software.

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Prospective Subsidy Applicants/ Beneficiaries

Five categories of institutions are eligible for applying for WDSI subsidy/ grants:

  • 1Governments/ public universities, colleges and institutions
  • 2Private universities/ institutions/ colleges duly recognized by their respective governments
  • 3Technology/ Data Science/ Ai education/ training consortia/ project organizations/ special purpose vehicles funded by multilateral aid bodies and charitable organizations
  • 4Technology/ Data Science/ Ai education consortia/ project organizations/ special purpose vehicles funded by elected national governments or elected provincial governments in nations
  • 5Technology/ Data Science/ Ai/ Blockchain education projects funded/ sponsored by not-for-profit organizations engaged in employability development and social upliftment through education and training.
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Five categories of institution eligible for  WDSI

The Process

  • 1The application made by any institution is assessed for qualification for WDSI subsidy for accreditation only.
  • 2The subsidy/ grant request is assessed for each applicant-institution individually by a special Initiative committee. Subsequently, communication regarding the approval/ rejection of its request is sent to the applicant.
  • 3All approved applications are then individually processed as subsidy cases and external agencies are contacted to arrange maximum subsidy/ financial assistance possible for applicants.
  • 4Once in-principle confirmation of a grant-availability is obtained by the committee for applicant-institution, they are requested to apply separately for a subsidy and await the decision.
  • 5Once arranged, applicant-institution are informed of the subsidy and amount, and the relevant offices and teams of the Initiative coordinate to complete the process of awarding subsidies to the applicant-institution.
  • 6The applicant-institution can then proceed to pay the reduced fee/ cost commence the accreditation process.
  • 7Institutions unable to complete the accreditation process successfully, can reapply within six months without charge.
  • 8The official accreditor assigned to an institution is well within its rights to refuse refund of fee paid, in case the institution fails to complete the accreditation process.
  • 9WDSI subsidy lapses within 3 months of award, if the awardee institution fails to complete the accreditation project with the assigned accreditor.
  • 10Post accreditation, an accredited institution is required to follow the compliance norms of the accrediting body, and WDSI has no role to play in accreditation continuation.
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The World Data Science Initiative offers subsidy only for accreditation and CoE set-up services. A few essential facts about the Initiative must be kept in mind by all applicants:

  • The Initiative does not offer cash assistance to any beneficiary institution. This implies that the accrediting bodies are directly paid the subsidy amount. Reduced fee/ cost must be paid by the beneficiary institution, as mentioned in the invoice raised by the accrediting body.
  • The Initiative does not release the subsidy amount immediately upon approval of an application/ request.
  • The Initiative does not operate on any contractual arrangement with educational or credentialing institutions. Hence, the Initiative does not automatically approve a subsidy for an applicant institution because of reasons of precedent or contract.
  • The Initiative is not bound to approve subsidies for applicant institutions who have received a subsidy in the past.
  • A WDSI shortlisted/ awardee institution does not earn the rights to declare itself a WDSI affiliated Institution until it has obtained accreditation and its accreditation status is in good standing.
  • Approval of a subsidy does not guarantee grant of accreditation. WDSI has no role to play in any of the processes of accreditation, and the accrediting bodies have the final say in the decision.
  • Accreditation is provided only by WDSI-approved official accreditors, and WDSI may assign any one of the empaneled accreditors to an applicant institution.
  • WDSI has no role to play in the maintenance and continuation of accreditation of an institution, and the accredited institution is required to comply to all prescribed norms of the accrediting bodies.
  • All applicant institutions are barred from advertising or communicating through any means on any external/ public platform, any claim or message regarding being a member of WDSI, or being under accreditation, or being a WDSI subsidy awardee etc., Any such communication deemed essential, must be approved by WDSI before its release.

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